VQN Collections

VQueue.Network (VQN) is designed to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your collections staff. It is an automated system which allows branch, lending and management personnel to inquire online regarding the history of past due loan or checking accounts without interrupting the collections department’s work flow.  Collections, powered by VQN, will allow collectors to spend at least 50 percent more time on the phone with debtors.  VQN has the flexibility to design the work flow and queues to segment the portfolio so that it is an enterprise solution.  Stated another way, every department in the bank/credit union  dealing with past due or non performing accounts has 1 system to work with that is designed to follow their work flow.



VQN is an IBM PowerSystem i (formerly iSeries) or Microsoft Sequel server system combined with a  thin client desktop solution that automates collections, recovery, and tracking delinquent accounts, charged off accounts, foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions, dealers, loan officers, foreclosures and owned assets.

Collections, powered by VQN,  automates correspondence and facilitates standard messages to the customer within the system.  Powerful collector queuing and management queuing with segmentation based on behavioral modeling risk scoring is  inherit to the system.  VQN has a robust tickler system to serve the user while providing Executive and Management information required for monitoring the total portfolio’s performance. By leveraging the strengths of the two platforms (IBM and Microsoft), it is a solution that is unsurpassed in the market.

The Power System i server is second to none in reliability, security and scalability of the processor and data base management system.  By including the ability to get your System i data into Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word, the system gives our users the best of both worlds.  Sequal is also a very capable data base and supported by VQN.

Collection capacity increases (more than doubles from manual collections). Collectors can work more accounts, more aggressively work existing accounts, or perform other responsibilities with new available collector time (like working charged-off accounts).  Increased productivity reduces operating costs and increasing profits.


System Features/Benefits

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce “At Risk”Assets
  • Reduce your past due delinquency ratio
  • Eliminates Ledger Cards
  • Access to Debtor Record through many Key Fields
  • Records Collector Comments
  • Debtor Notices
  • Special Assets Reporting
  • Documentation Policies and Consistency eliminates human area
  • Improve Account Disposition and Delinquency Ratio Tracking and Reporting
  • Reduce Charge-offs
  • Reduce Collection Costs
  • Improve Operations
  • Reduce Training Costs
  • Risk policies standardization
  • Collection policies standardization