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VQN Debt Collection Software Solutions

VQueue.Network (VQN) supports first party creditors and collection agencies with solutions designed to manage all aspects of the consumer and commercial debt collection and recovery process. VQN offers competitive pricing for companies of all sizes.

  • File Widget for External Documentation
  • Collection Strategies unique to the agency environment
  • Handles both “early out” and “collection situations”
  • Payment Scheduling 
  • Credit Bureau Reporting 
  • Urgency Payments module including checks and credit cards
  • Trust accounting 
  • Single customer view (One debtor and multiple accounts) 
  • Legal
  • Connance Interface
  • Automatically "Migrate" debtors, bad debts and supporting information from one system to another
  • Interfaces to the VQN Banking Collection Software

For Collection Agencies we focus on easily getting information into and out of the VQN system.  VQN accepts comma separated files (CSV) when boarding accounts, comments, payments, etc.  When exporting information out of the system to share information with business partners/clients we create Excel files.  At month end, all appropriate information is placed in Excel files, password protected and automatically emailed to Clients.  Exchange of information is always a key to a collection agencies success.  With VQN the crisis mode at month end is eliminated.

All the trust accounting and reporting features you would expect from a debt collection software exist in VQN.  A client portal, WebInquiry, exists as well to provide unparalleled marketing opportunities and superior customer support delivery channels.

Built using the latest Microsoft development tools and database technologies, VQN is capable of managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and all work flow processes.  VQN’s open architecture offers complete access to critical data and enables seamless communications and data flow between internal and external systems, while pre-built customer interfaces and vendor plug-ins help streamline implementation.

Since VQN has a Windows User Interface, leveraging Microsoft Office, we provide a system that is user friendly and empowers the user by allowing them to get the data into Excel spreadsheets for reporting, tracking, and ultimately collecting.  This is "baked" into the system and requires no disconnected processes.

VQN Collection Software Features

Excel Imports

New Business - This helps from the perspective you no longer need to incur a programming expense to board accounts into the system.  Additionally, it opens up marketing avenues because you can do a test portfolio without incurring a major expense for the opportunity with no guaranteed return.

Payments – Import payments electronically with the payment import wizard.

Adjustments – Import adjustments electronically with the adjustment import wizard.

Comments - Import comments with the comment import wizard.

Excel Exports

Basically anything can be exported via Excel by the standard reporting functionality.  Payments, adjustments, demographic changes, statements, month end status reports and acknowledgements.  If you provide your acknowledgements and statements via email in Excel (password protected), how happy will the customer be and how much postage did you save!

Customer ad hoc requests – Special programming will not be needed as the Report Wizard allows for extraction of most any information.

Eliminate Custom Programming

Programming resources can be redirected to customer focus projects to facilitate sales/customer service or optionally eliminated.

System Accuracy

Many times legacy systems that have been modified over time run into issues with data integrity. Are your Placement and Recovery Reports really accurate? Does the information you provide to the Client reconcile? How much time do you spend verifying the information is correct.  If not correct,  how much time is spent making corrections and reviewing with the client?

System Consistency

VQN has the best management tools available to incorporate "Collection Policy Tables" into the work flow process.  This will insure that accounts get worked as you want them worked. This eliminates confusion on the collection floor and increases productivity.  It also insures that contractual due diligence is performed and no accounts slip through the cracks.  Collector Strategies will increase contacts per hour!

By employing VQN Collector Strategies and Tactics some processes are facilitated by the system and a human being does not have to touch the account and expend time on it.

Connance Interface 

VQN has an interface baked in for your health care clients that require it.

Debt Collection Agencies and Out Source Partners are always looking for opportunities to improve performance and tighten their relationship with provider clients.  Connance solutions are a proven resource in these areas.