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UNI-SOURCE 2000, Inc. - Debt Collection Software. 

We provide professional debt collection and compliance software products and services for Financial Institutions (Banks and Credit Unions), Collection Agencies and Health Care Receivables Management.

VQN software is used by Financial Institutions and Collection Agencies.

In 1979 VQN was written for a Collection Agency in St. Louis.  Over the years the feature / benefit set have matured and the technology adapted.  The VQN Product Suite is developed in Microsoft .NET and is seamlessly integrated to Microsoft desktop tools.  VQN reports manifest as Excel files and VQN letters as Word Documents.

VQN can be interfaced with any comprehensive banking system as the enterprise solution for loans, overdraft checking accounts, credit cards and any other past due debt.  VQN has been programmed to work particularly well with the Fiserv Core Banking Management  products as well as the Euronet World Wide ICCS Credit Card Core product.  The most important issue for Bank and Credit Union executives the last few years is tracking and ensuring servicing compliance.  Whether it is Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae or the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau servicing requirements, Collections Compliance is the most important new issue executives face.  VQN automates the loan servicing work flow and automatically documents all the appropriate milestone events.  Click the Compliance Link to the right to learn more.

For Collection Agencies we focus on easily getting information into and out of the VQN system.  VQN accepts comma separated files (CSV) when boarding accounts, comments, payments, etc.  When exporting information out of the system to share information with business partners/clients we create Excel files.  At month end, all appropriate information is placed in Excel files, password protected and automatically emailed to Clients.  Exchange of information is always a key to a collection agencies success.  With VQN the crisis mode at month end is eliminated.

All the trust accounting and reporting features you would expect from a debt collection software exist in VQN.  A client portal, WebInquiry, exists as well to provide unparalleled marketing opportunities and superior customer support delivery channels.

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